Kanch (Glass) is the quarterly Journal of All India Glass Manufactures Federation.

It has a wide circulation both in print and electronic medium. This is the only magazine which reaches all glass manufacturers and others connected with glass industry in India. It helps all concerned in remaining connected with Glass Industry.

For subscribing to online version of Kanch, please click here or send details to info@aigmf.com

PDF Issue/s:
Jan-Mar 2016
Oct-Dec 2015 Jul-Sep 2015 Apr-Jun 2015 Jan-Mar 2015
Oct-Dec 2014 Jul-Sep 2014 Apr-Jun 2014 Jan-Mar 2014
Oct-Dec 2013 Jul-Sep 2013 Apr-Jun 2013 Jan-Mar 2013
Oct-Dec 2012 July-Sep 2012 Apr-Jun 2012 Jan-Mar 2012
Oct-Dec 2011 Jul-Sep 2011 Apr-Jun 2011 Jan-Mar 2011
Oct-Dec 2010 Jul-Sep 2010

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The e-issue is compressed PDF file. Some images are of low resolution.

For subscribing to Print issue of Kanch (excluding bank charges):
Indian companies :INR 125 per Copy Annual Subscription INR 450
Foreign companies :US$ 25 per Copy Annual Subscription US$ 80

Cheque/demand draft payable to "The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation", at New Delhi may be sent to:

Secretary- AIGMF
812, New Delhi House
27, Barakhamba Road
New Delhi – 110 001

Payment can also be remitted through wire transfer. Our bank details are as under:

Remittance from Abroad to:

Bank of Baroda, New York, SWIFT BIC: BARBUS33, FEDWIRE / ROUTING NUMBER: 026 005 322, giving full particulars of Beneficiary i.e.

Account No.: 05860400000062
Name: The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation
Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Parliament Street, New Delhi
City: New Delhi, India

Payment Instruction Message i.e. MT - 103 is to be sent to Bank of Baroda, IBB, New Delhi, SWIFT BIC - BARBINBBPAR

Remittance from India to: (deposit cash or make NEFT-online payment)

Account No.: 0411156983
Name: The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation
A/c Type: Saving Account
Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch: Kashi House, A-27/8a, Connaught Place, New Delhi
IFSC Code: KKBK0000214

In case this amount is deposited in AIGMF account, a copy of deposit slip may please be sent us for reconciliation of the account.

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