Members of the federation are classified into two categories; manufacturers of Primary Glass articles are enrolled as Ordinary Members (click here for enrolment form) of the Federation and suppliers to glass industry viz., suppliers of machinery, raw materials. 

Consultants and others connected with glass industry are enrolled as Affiliate members (click here for enrolment form).

Foreign Companies supplying machinery etc. to glass industry are also enrolled as Affiliate members (click here for enrolment form).
Members of the Federation are enrolled on the recommendation of Zonal Associations viz.:

  • Western India Glass Manufacturers' Association (WIGMA)
  • Eastern India Glass Manufacturers' Associations (EIGMA)
  • U.P. Glass Manufacturers' Syndicate (UPGMS)
  • Northern India Glass Manufacturers' Association (NIGMA) and
  • South India Glass Manufacturers' Association (SIGMA)

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